As it is with music, language is also sound. Sound is frequency. Frequency is numbers. Numbers are mathematics.

The Hebrew language is a special alphabet (“alef-bet”). Hebrew is the language of Heaven. It is a pure language (see the words of the prophet Zephaniah, 3:8-9).

All this being said, we will continue to look into what is called Gamatria or the language of numbers. The Hebrew Bible is loaded with thousands of “connections” between one word and another word; one statement and another statement; one text and another text. It boggles the mind!

On this episode of Torah on Location, PART 3 – we are going to study the numbers associated with the terms GRACE (Proverbs 9) and the STONE OF ISRAEL (Psalm 118:22). These terms are not just words; they are living, breathing concepts that precisely define WHO MASHIACH IS!

Join us for our “Gematria: It’s all in the Numbers” program series dealing with the Language of Numbers – PART 2, based on the Hebrew texts of the Holy Word of Elohim!