As it is with music, language is also sound. Sound is frequency. Frequency involves numbers. Numbers are mathematics. The Hebrew language is a special alphabet (“alef-bet”). Hebrew is the language of Heaven. It is a pure and living language (see the words of the prophet Zephaniah, 3:8-9). All this being said, we will continue to look into what is called GEMATRIA or the language of numbers. The Hebrew Bible is loaded with thousands of “connections” between one word and another word; one statement and another statement; one text and another text. It boggles the mind! The Master of Heaven and Earth is not a magician! He is a mathematician! He is the creator of mathematics and His living language – Hebrew – is His divine expression of His universe of numbers

On this episode of Torah on Location, PART 15 – THE LANGUAGE OF NUMBERS – we are going to have a look at the Hebrew of Genesis 1:1 – the Creation Story. This is the second program addressing the Gematria of the Hebrew word “Wisdom,” which has a Hebraic prime number value of both 37 and 73. Within the structure of biblical wisdom and a 73-row triangle, you will find that there are 2,701 points that FILL the triangle, matching exactly with the Gematria of Genesis 1:1. BUT, you will ALSO find that when adding up the points along the perimeter of the triangle, there are 216 “counters” or points. This is extremely important because when multiplied by two, it produces a six-pointed “Star of David” or what is called the “Magan David.” This “star” has a numeric value of 432, which is 216 x 2. Interestingly, 432 Hz (Hertz) is said to be a healing frequency for DNA in human cell structure. Perhaps tuning all music to 432 hz from the Key of A, could very well heal our minds and our bodies and “reset” everything back to Genesis 1:1. In this episode of Torah On Location, we will have a look into the Magan David or the “Star of David” and some of these spiritual and physical implications.

Join us for our continued study series in “Gematria: It’s all in the Numbers” dealing with the Language of Numbers – PART 15, based on the Hebrew texts of the Holy Word of Elohim! Watch and learn! Then armed with this knowledge, apply it to your life by allowing these truths to fulfil the words that Yeshua said in Yochanan 8:32 and the words that Sha’ul (Paul) said in Romans 12:2. If you are anything like me, you will love learning about the Mind of Mashiach through this Torah Study!