The Hebrew language is a special alphabet (“alef-bet”). Hebrew is the language of Heaven. It is a pure and living language (see the words of the prophet Zephaniah, 3:8-9). All this being said, we will continue to look into what is called GEMATRIA or the language of numbers. Plus, we will also have a look at the Hebrew Bible and some of the nuances of the Hebrew language of scripture as it is loaded with thousands of “connections” between one word and another word; one statement and another statement; one text and another text. It boggles the mind! The Master of Heaven and Earth is not a magician! He is a linguist and a mathematician! The Hebrew language belongs to Him. It is the expression of His mind through the creation.

On this episode of Torah on Location, PART 12 – we are going to have a look at the Hebraic concept of the WITNESS of Garden of Eden and examine what we see in holy scripture as a ONE to FOUR ratio! Life and scripture both attest to a series of fours and one into four! There are four states of matter; four states of being; four corners of the world; four corners of a field, a house, the altar; four letters in the divine name! None of this is coincidence! There is divine order in all of creation.

Join us for our continued study series in the Language of Numbers – PART 12, based on numerous Hebrew texts of the Holy Word of Elohim! Watch and learn! Then armed with this knowledge, apply it to your life by allowing these truths to help build emunah (faith). If you are anything like me, you will love learning about the Mind of Mashiach through this Torah Study! Please, join us!