With this Torah On Location lesson – PART 2 – “The Language of Hebrew Roots,” we will have a look at the basic structure of the Hebrew language. The Hebrew language is clearly the Holy Tongue of Heaven. This language of heaven is best seen in all its glory as reflected on earth, through the words of the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings (the “Tanach”).  Hebrew is not written with vowels. It is only written with consonants – twenty-two of them. With these twenty-two consonants and no vowels, the words that are built  are numerous and are able to convey beautiful nuances and meanings that ordinarily you would never see. Once the vowels are added to the consonants then a certain meaning can be extracted. Nonetheless, all the Hebrew language is built on two and three letter “roots.” This is what makes Hebrew such a beautiful tapestry in divine communication. We are going to have a look at some examples of what makes Hebrew such a special language.  In this second of two parts, we will continue our look at the Hebrew Root – “Yud Resh Heh” and show what it means and show how it expresses itself in Holy Scripture.