In First Samuel 29:1 there is a geographical reference to a “fountain in Jezreel.” First Samuel 28:4 identifies the same location as “Gilboa,” which is connected to the Hebrew term “Gal” (a water spring – Amos 5:24) and “Nav’ah” (like a gushing or babbling water source – Nun Vet Ayin – Psalm 119:171). It was at this location where King Saul and his Israelite army encamped, preparing for a battle against the Philistines; a battle that would take the life of Saul and his sons on the mountain called Gilboa. There is more than just a historical narrative here! This is a lesson about walking the talk and talking the walk of Torah. In other words, Torah theory is one thing; Torah action is another. We’ll learn the lesson in this study on location at the Fountain of Jezreel.