We all know that Passover is a very important annual memorial festival in Hebrew Scripture. With PART 1 of this two part Torah On Location teaching, we are going to examine one of the many reasons why blood has to be applied to the door posts and lintel of the home, as stipulated in Exodus 12:23. We are going to have a look at the correlation between the door and the Hebrew letter Chet. We will examine some concepts that involve the Rakia (“Firmament”) of Genesis 1:6, the Blood of Leviticus 17:10-12 and the very interesting statement that Yeshua made in John 6:53-57 in regards to eating his flesh and drinking his blood! The Hebrew letter Chet has a number of nuances built into its overall meaning! The Hebrew CHET is a partition; a tent wall or doorway in and of itself! We’ll learn more about it in this program – A Hebraic Look at the Meaning of Passover – PART 1.