The Book of ACTS, Chapter 10 contains a narrative that recounts one particular day in the life of Shimon Kefa, while he is preparing to join his friends and family for a mid-day lunch at Yafo (Today’s Port of Jaffa). The narrative involves a vision that Shimon (Peter) saw, though he was quite perplexed at what he was seeing at the time!

Though Shimon himself gives us the proper and correct interpretation of the vision (Acts 10:28), his interpretation has nonetheless managed to slip past most people and for quite some time now, New Testament readers have interpreted Shimon’s words for him…wrongly!

On this final episode (PART 5) of our study in Acts Chapter 10 – “Peter’s Vision,” we are going to have a closer look at verses 11-16 with a specific focus on verse 13 when a voice comes out of the heavens and commands Kefa (Peter) to “Kill and Eat.” He is commanded to do this three times and then the garment or “sheet” (as it is called) returns to the Heavens.

Most people will interpret this vision to mean that all Bible-believing Christians are now freed from the Mosaic Law dietary laws and instructions as mentioned in Leviticus Chapter 11 and Deuteronomy Chapter 14.

On this final half-hour program in our study of Acts Chapter 10, we will have a look at this issue and what is really being presented to Kefa (Peter) in his vision.

IF in fact, I am correct about this, the implications are huge because the whole story seems to reflect a resurrection motif AND appears to be a teaching on the restoration of the Whole House of Israel based on Jeremiah 31:21-34 – the “New Covenant.”