The Book of ACTS, Chapter 10 contains a narrative that recounts one particular day in the life of Shimon Kefa, while he is preparing to join his friends and family for a mid-day lunch at Yafo (Today’s Port of Jaffa). The narrative involves a vision that Shimon (Peter) saw, though he was quite perplexed at what he was seeing at the time!

Though Shimon himself gives us the proper and correct interpretation of the vision (Acts 10:28), his interpretation has nonetheless managed to slip past most people and for quite some time now, New Testament readers have interpreted Shimon’s words for him…wrongly!

On this episode (PART 3) of our study in Acts Chapter 10 – “Peter’s Vision,” we are going to have a verse-by-verse look into the story of Shimon Kefa (Simon Peter) as he was preparing himself for some lunch one day in the ancient city of Yafo – Today’s Port of Jaffa just south of Tel Aviv.

On this half-hour program in Acts Chapter 10, we will have a look at verses 9 through 11.

In this study series, we’ll examine the concept of the “trance” as it is referred to in most Bible translations. Interestingly, the concept is connected to the idea of Psalm 91:1 and the Hebrew term “S-T-R”, from which we get the English terms “Mystery” and “Esoteric.” This puts a whole new spin on what Kefa saw, at least in his spiritual journey into the world of the unseen!

We’ll also examine that rather peculiar description of a “sheet” with unclean animals in it! For years, I thought perhaps this was a Talit (prayer garment) draped over the world with Tzitzitot (Numbers 15:37-41) attached to the four corners of the garment. I no longer hold to this position. Judging from word and concept development in Tanakh Hebrew, it appears to me that rather, this is connected to the Hebrew of the Book of Esther 8:15 and the word “Tachrich.” Jewish people who have had to bury someone will know precisely what this is, though it has a slightly different connection in the Book of Esther but still, close enough to make us think differently. And all the unclean animals wrapped up in that “sheet” goes quite well with the concept of Tachrich! More, on this concept in later posts. But again, I don’t think this “sheet” idea in Acts 10 has anything to do with Talitot and Tzitziot.

IF in fact, I am correct about this, it definitely will show us something very, very powerful going on in that vision! In fact, something that relates quite well with death and resurrection and how these concepts are related to Genesis Chapter 2:5-15 and John Chapter 11, among many other biblical references.