The Dead Sea and
Judean Desert Wilderness

  1. THE DEAD SEA. This is a study of the Dead Sea and its physical and spiritual lessons from the writings of the Jewish historian Josephus and from the biblical narratives in places such as Revelation 20:10.
  2. FLORA of the DEAD SEA REGION. On-location, we will study the many spiritual lessons from the various types of plants and trees that make their home in Israel’s desert region including the Rotem (Broomtree of Psalm 120:4 and 1 Kings 19;4), the Maluach (Salt Bush in Job 30:4 and Psalm 120:4), and the Shitim (Acacia of Isaiah 41:19).
  3. QUMRAN and the DEAD SEA SCROLLS. A study of Jerusalem’s Essene Community; their learning, studies, and artifacts left hidden in the caves of Qumran. We will study the historicity and value of the writings of the Essenes including the Book of Enoch, the War Scrolls, the Messianic Scroll of Gabriel, and the “MMT” – Miqsat Ma’ase HaTorah – the “Works of the Law” scroll that influenced Paul to write letters about the Works of the Law (Galatians 3:10). We’ll also look at the writings of the Jewish historian Josephus and the Maccabees (the Hasmonaim) for clues about what happened to the Ark of the Covenant and the Israelite wilderness Tent that was kept in the City of David for a very long time.
  4. TWO-HOUR RELAXING FLOAT and MUD BATH IN THE DEAD SEA. We will end our day with a nice, relaxing float in its mineral waters.


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