On this Torah On Location program we will continue our look at ancient Jerusalem in the days of King David. However, on this program, which was shot on location at today’s Armon haNatziv, which is on the summit of the southern hill overlooking all of present day Jerusalem to the north, we will seek to understand Genesis Chapter 22.Further, we’ll look at the Hebrew letter Shin with its three “prongs” and relate each of these prongs to the three valleys that surround the ancient City of David. As the Psalmist wrote in his song, “As the mountains SURROUND Jerusalem, so YHVH surrounds His People!” There is so much to learn about this area and why it was divinely chosen as the “resting place” for YHVH’s glory. From the ancient City of David’s Gihon water supply to the geography of the region, everything about this ancient city is very important to the biblical narratives! All of this and so much more will be addressed on this 30 minute program about the ancient Mount Tzion or City of David!