Final interview with Israeli Biblical Tour Guide Shlomo Ben David who was born and raised as a very young child in southern Iraq, as part of a family that lived in and took care of a historical compound that is the Tomb of Ezekiel.

On this final episode of four (4) Torah on Location programs, we conduct an interview (PART 4) with Israeli biblical tour guide Shlomo Ben David, a close family member to international Israeli author Eli Amir who wrote The Dove Flyer, which was made into a feature film Farewell Baghdad, about the Jewish community in Iraq in the 1950s.

Shlomo, using the eloquence and knowledge of his “mother tongue” of Hebrew, opens up some deeper meanings of biblical Hebrew – the language of the prophets of Israel.

Shlomo will present to us some lessons into the root structure for the Hebrew word LECHEM or “BREAD.”

We will learn about the divine and spiritual concept of bread (Lechem) which has a direct connection to that of joining or welding one thing to another.

This program -PART 4 – continues with where we left off in PART 3 on the Consciousness of the Hebrew Language.

Click on the video link and watch the thirty-minute interview. Soon, we will provide you with a download option to listen to the program.