Shalom. I am Avi ben Mordechai. You can call me Avi or Avinoam. I am not a Rabbi, a Pastor, nor even a Teacher in the biblical sense of the word. I am Jewish. I am an Israeli State-Licensed tour guide, and I am a writer, researcher, and lecturer on the theology of the Bible in its Hebraic context. I am in search of biblical Truth, which I believe will lead one to the Biblical Land of Israel. 

At the age of 49 years (2003), I made Aliyah (moved to Eretz Israel or the Land of Israel). I made the move to the Land because I was not satisfied with where I was going with my life in America. I began searching for an open door into my history and heritage, desiring to seek a true, tangible experience in something that we all can appreciate; a place called “HOME.” Strangely, I did not find the Land of Israel to be home. I grew disappointed and this led me to look, for that place called “Home” in other ways. I searched for a home in my Jewishness, in the religious culture and observances of Judaism, in a Jewish family, in a Jewish community, and in endless Jewish biblical studies.  Still, I did not find “Home,” even though my experiences were positive and interesting.

I had a son, Jonathan, who served wonderfully in the IDF, paratrooper unit 101, in the Gaza disengagement of 2005 and again in the 2006 Israeli war in Lebanon. He and I sometimes talked about “Home” life, though, our conversations stopped after he later died from Israel war-related injuries, in early September of 2009.

Over the years, I’ve been through a lot of what I might call, the “washing machine agitating cycles of life.” And for good measure, I’ve had my share of drying “spin” cycles,  all in the endless pursuit of looking for that elusive place called “Home.”

During my writing, lecturing, and teaching Sabbatical of 2016, it seems that I truly came home, stumbling upon it, by accident, I suppose. But then again, I do not believe in accidents or coincidences. I believe in divine appointments and I know that the Almighty Eternal One planned this for me, to find him in the most unlikely of places…in my heart. For many years, I’ve not really understood much about the “marriage” of the mind and the heart. Now, I’m understanding some principles that are radically changing my approach to the study of scripture. I can tell you this: HOME is not a place or a thing on Earth. Rather, it is what Hebrew scripture hints at in the term “ELOHIM.”  Within this term, is a family concept. The Person AND Place is the WORD (or Memra), also called the SON OF ELOHIM. For me, the WORD is Heaven on Earth. No, this does NOT mean that my life is all of sudden like living in some mystical bliss as in the place called “Shangri-la” from the 1973 movie called “Lost Horizon.” Instead, HOME is where there is family and the family is defined according to Exodus 24:7, “All that YHVH has said, we will do and we will hear.” It is what Yeshua quoted in Luke 8:21. The WORD  is part of a family unit in Heaven. This family unit is embedded within the Name ELOHIM. Yeah, I know, it might sound pretty strange and quite candidly, I just don’t really have the words to describe what I understand from the Hebrew narratives about the Word. I know, however, it is real. I am COMING HOME, finally. I saw the path when I turned the corner in my faith walk in my Sabbatical Year – 2016. 

This website COMING HOME reflects the changes that I am now in the process of pursuing in my life. The old sites have been retired and this new site replaces everything.

I am happily married to Shoshana, a widowed woman of Israel who also had to “Come Home” in her search for that place of true meaning and purpose as she too, had to learn to let go of her earthly pursuits to find HOME. With Shoshi, I too now have a much better and deeper understanding, meaning, and purpose about who I am in my soul. And when I say that the All Eternal One loves me, I know it is not because I am trading for His love; you know – if I am good and do things right, you will love me. If I do things wrong, you won’t like me. His love is mature and deep and is not dependent on how I feel. It is dependent on choice. He chooses to love and that is something that I am facing in a new and challenging way, in my life. 

Now, I am relating differently to the biblical narratives, to the Torah, to Law and Grace, to marriage and relationships, and to everyday life as I am learning to bring together both my head and my heart into what I am calling the connection between the material metaphor (Earthly life) and the spiritual reality (Heavenly life). The differences started to become noticeable when I began taking my head knowledge and walking it out through my heart in and with the Word of Life. I can only testify to it but I cannot live it out for you. But, if you want to know it and become one with Him, the Word will show you. The Word was and is in Yeshua; the real Yeshua, not the Church Jesus. 

If you are wandering and searching for that elusive place called “Home,” in your life, I hope through this site, you will find one or more teachings that can help. This is why the Bible begins with the word B’resheet or “In the Beginning.” It is because the first letter of the word B’resheet is Beytב, which is an ancient drawing of a House or a Home, in  Hebrew (Paleo-Hebrew).  When we go back to the beginning, back to B’resheet, we are Coming Home to the Word, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Garden of Light, and so much more. And when we knock on his door and he opens up for us, we will walk into the divine Person called THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and the TREE of LIFE. 

This site is about COMING HOME. Click once and COME HOME.