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Avi ben Mordechai is also Avinoam (Bradley) Marcus. Avi was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Avi has a college education in religious and secular fields of study from schools in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California.

Avi was raised Jewish reform but today simply considers himself Jewish with no affiliation to a particular title, though Avi does very much honor and abide in the Eternal written Words of the Torah of Moshe and of All Israel.

Since 1972, Avi’s professional training has been in Improv Theatre and Radio and Television broadcasting and programming. Avi has spent the better part of about thirty years working ON THE AIR as a talk show host, news journalist, and in his earlier days, as an AM/FM “Radio Jock.” They used to call him, “Mad-Dog Marcus” and “Golden Pipes.” Avi is quite a character and will bring long-dead stones to life with stories right out of scripture. His Torah on-location lectures are NOT DRY in the least. You will find yourself learning FROM Israelite history and not just learning ABOUT Israelite history!

Avi loves the great outdoors, photography, cinematography, videography, writing and lecturing and motorcycling.

Since 1993, Avi has been an international author and lecturer on topics that deal with Hebrew scripture and the concepts that are presented in the New Testament of Christianity. His specialty is in “connecting the dots” between the two documents and showing how the foundation of the New Testament is really a work of ancient Jews, who were VERY JEWISH in their thinking and their lifestyles.

Avi loves working with groups. Private groups of eight (8) or less are perfect. HOWEVER, Avi has plenty of experience in dealing with much larger groups. Whether you are planning a large group tour or a small private group, give Avi an opportunity to show you around Eretz Israel! Many people come to Israel with a noble motivation to want to “BLESS ISRAEL.” So, why not put that into practice and put Avinoam TO WORK! To “BLESS ISRAEL” does not necessarily mean to give donations. TO BLESS ISRAEL can ALSO MEAN to put a man TO WORK in the Land! Avi loves to work for a living. So, give him an opportunity TO WORK for his living and in that, you will BLESS ISRAEL!

As for Avi’s daily fees, they are currently set at 1200 Shekels per day but Avi remains in a position to negotiate if you are on a very tight budget. It’s that simple. Avi’s daily fee can be paid in Israeli Shekels or US DOLLARS or by VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, or by PAYPAL. You do not have to buy Avi’s lunch nor do you have to pay for his entrance fees to any of the sites that he takes you to.