With this Torah On Location program, we are going back to 2006 when Avi ben Mordechai first began his teaching series concerning Paul’s letter to the Galatians. It was about 1,800 years ago when a religion called Christianity took the Roman empire by storm! In this, its doctrines supplanted the written Law of Moses, replacing it with its “New Testament” of grace, quoting Paul who said, “You are not under law, but under grace.” (Romans 6:14). Later, a religion called Rabbinic Judaism came into its own and added to the written Law of Moses and appended to it a “New Testament” of Oral Law, supplanting the Ruach haKodesh or the “Holy Spirit” of Truth, which was supposed to take first priority in hearts and minds of all Israel, according to Exodus 20:18-19. Of course, it never happened. Talmudic Law grew stronger and the Ruach haKodesh was forced to take a back seat in the religion of ancient Israel.

This multi-part 2006 video series from Avi ben Mordechai is an overview teaching commentary on Galatians, to help you break through centuries of decayed dogmas built upon the shaky foundations of confusion and misapplications of Paul’s teachings to the Galatians.

Here, at Torah On Location, we’re happy to offer you access to these seven video lessons, taken from Avi’s Galatians DVD. Enjoy!

Avi ben Mordechai