With this Torah On Location lesson, our study takes us to biblical Sodom, PART 2, as recorded in Genesis 19:23-29. Of course, Sodom is referenced in the biblical texts in places like Deuteronomy 29:23, Isaiah 1:9, Jeremiah 23:14, Amos 4:11, Matthew 10:15, just to name a few! The site was also well known among secular historians. Obviously, Sodom has a spiritual message for all of us even as it did for the ancients. But why? We’ll examine the answer to this question. Also, for quite some time, people from all walks of life have been looking for its exact location at the deep southern end of the Valley of Salt – in the Dead Sea region of Israel. But is this really the place to be looking for Sodom? The key to finding the true location of Sodom is found by reading ONLY the Hebrew text!