The biblical narratives of the Brit haChadasha (The New Testament) are beautifully pregnant with many layers of meanings that truly can bless anyone that wants to really understand the depths of Yehovah’s Word.

Come along for a study in the Divine Design of the Hebrew Language as we dig deep into these various layers of meaning and unravel allusions, metaphors, and hints that are sure to spice up your biblical studies in the Word of God!

This program is <strong>PART 3</strong> of our Divine Design in the Hebrew Language series.

In this study of the Divine Design in the Hebrew Language we are going to look into the Brit HaChadasha narrative of Mark Chapter 6. Here, Yeshua is said to be the carpenter of Nazareth. What do you think that this idea might convey to a reader of this narrative? Perhaps there is something a bit more going on “in between the lines”?

In this half-hour biblical lesson from the Brit HaChadasha we will look at the concept of the carpenter as it relates to the Tanakh biblical prophecy of the restoration of the two houses of Israel according to Ezekiel 37:12-19. Also, we will look at some supporting ideas as found in Psalm 104:3, Exodus 29:45, and Exodus 38:22.