The Hebrew language is not called Lashon Kodesh (Holy Tongue) for nothing! Biblical Hebrew contains powerful and beautiful insights into the Mind of Messiah and the redemption of all Israel.

On this Torah on Location program series, we will have a look into some wonderful anomalies of Hebrew with and without vowels.

On this episode of Torah on Location, THE LAMB and the RAM – PART 1 – we are going to have a look at comparing two passages of biblical truth: Genesis 22:8-14 AND Yochanan (John) 8:53-56. In the Genesis account of Avraham and Yitzchak, we will learn that Avraham was in fact, looking prophetically into the future redemption of his descendants by looking into the face of the Messiah – THE WORD! In the Yochanan narrative of the Brit haChadashah, it will show us the connection to what Avraham “SAW” or perceived prophetically! Further, we should be able to get a glimpse into the Hebraic basis for “Jerusalem” or Y’rushalayim. This appears to be a compound term for Yireh (He will see) and Shalem (He will complete or fulfill a payment or transaction). Join us in this two part study!

Armed with this knowledge, apply it to your life by allowing these truths to fulfill the words that Yeshua said in Yochanan 8:32 and the words that Sha’ul (Paul) said in Romans 12:2. If you are anything like me, you will love learning about the Mind of Mashiach through this Torah Study!