The biblical narratives of the Brit haChadasha (The New Testament) are beautifully pregnant with many layers of meanings that truly can bless anyone that wants to really understand the depths of Yehovah’s Word.

Come along for a study in the Divine Design of the Hebrew Language as we dig deep into these various layers of meaning and unravel allusions, metaphors, and hints that are sure to spice up your biblical studies in the Word of God.

The second part of a multi-part interview with Statistical Mathematics engineer Professor Haim Shore of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.

Dr. Haim Shore is published and best known for his book, “Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew.” With Hebrew as his mother tongue and with his extensive academic training in math and science, Professor Shore will give us some things to think about as they appear in the biblical texts of the Torah and the Prophets.

Professor Shore explains that “coincidences” abound in the Bible and they can be subject to rigorous statistical analysis; and this he has done for many of the concepts in the Hebrew Bible, and with highly significant results!

In this episode of Divine Design in Biblical Hebrew, PART 3, we will have a look into the biblical concepts of Randomness and Divine Will based on Leviticus 26:24-28. We will also have a look into entropy and into a series of interesting phenomenon in the biblical texts that show without any doubt that Hebrew is a divine and holy language; that there is without question, divine design in the creation and the Hebrew Torah will prove it.

This interview with Professor Shore will help us to see the beauty of biblical Hebrew as it is proven to be more than just a series of amazing “coincidences”!