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TO GIVE is to LOVE. 

According to the biblical narratives in Hebrew, the term Ahava is “Love.” Ahava is based on the Hebrew root Hayv – Heh Vet, which means Give. So, if you wish to show love, then be generous with your giving. 

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As you likely know, it takes a lot of personal time and effort to keep this site running on the internet. Consider saying THANK YOU with your financial support.  Click in the donor box above to initiate a gift of any amount to COMINGHOME. You have two options available: 1) A ONE-TIME gift, or 2) A regular MONTHLY gift. If you choose to send a regular monthly donation, you can CANCEL AT ANYTIME! and with no questions! And, if you need help in canceling a monthly gift, just write us here at COMINGHOME and we’ll be fast, and efficient to help you.


Please note that we do not wish any government agency to dictate or limit us in what we may say or think. Therefore, we DO NOT have a 501(c)3 corporation to issue standard US tax receipts. If this makes a difference to you, please consider this before deciding how much to give to this outreach.


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