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“HOME” is not about a culture, a religion, a law, a family, or a country. HOME is about a special King – Mashiach – and his Kingdom of Biblical Truth and a Biblical Land – the Garden of Eden of Jerusalem Above. Enter the Biblical Truth of the Torah and you will see the Biblical Land of Torah, in sharp focus.


I believe that there are essentially two kinds of Israel tours: 1) those that speak about its history and 2) those that speak about AND learn from its history. The next time you plan a visit to Eretz Israel, whether it is by yourself, with a small group or with a large group, do not simply settle for the typical “tour-guide” approach; that is, to keep you entertained for a week or two so that you don’t feel that you wasted your time and money. Avinoam is an Israeli State-Certified and State-Licensed tour guide through the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Study the history ABOUT Israel.

Study the history AS Israel; the Israel of Elohim

For study tours, on-location in Israel, click on the ISRAEL TOURS entry door and have a look at some of our available AND customized programs that can be built for any group, large or small.

Book your next biblical study tour with Avi, on-location in Israel; study tours that are uniquely focused on a learning experience that is about HIS STORY. Click here to send Avinoam an email