On this 30-minute teaching video you will learn some very valuable lessons, as taught in parable form by Yeshua, in the Brit haChadasha. The wild mustard plant (“tree”) shows us what true faith is. I can tell you in all candidness, “Faith” is not what you think it is. The wild mustard (in Hebrew – Hardal) shows us the true concept of divine authority! Really, it does! This is why Yeshua taught the parable of the mustard in Matthew Chapter 13.

Also, in this video, you will learn about Israel’s famous and beautiful Kalaniot, or what we call the “little brides.” But, in Hebrew scripture, its called the “Lilly.” Where does this concept show up in the Brit haChadasha? Ah! It’s part of Yeshua’s teaching on Wisdom in Matthew Chapter 6. So, watch this video and learn about developing the faith of a mustard seed AND learn about Yeshua’s reference to the “Lilly of the Field.” I think you’ll find both teachings on this video very helpful in your daily walk of Torah.