With this Torah On Location lesson – PART 4 Climbing Mount Nebo, we will close out our study of Deuteronomy 34:5-6, by looking into what I am referring to as, “The Sacred Line.” What is this, exactly? Let’s just put it this way: Mount Nebo (Hebrew: Har Nevo) appears to be the “starting point” for a series of “points west” from the summit of Nevo, leading to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, Northern Platform. All along the way on a 90 degree true East/West “line” between the structure called the Kupat Ruchot (Dome of the Spirits – Numbers 16:22) and Mount Nebo, there are a number of very important earth landmarks to note.

All along this 90-degree “line,” you will bump into some important places, namely – the Eastern Gate, the Crucifixion location of Yeshua, the site of the Red Heifer Sacrifice, Yeshua’s Ascension, John’s Immersion’s in the Jordan River, and Mount Nebo, where Moses was last witnessed in scripture to be alive. Yes, even Elijah the Prophet was likely at the Summit of Nebo based on his last known whereabouts in 2 Kings 2:4.

With this final episode of Climbing Mount Nebo, we’ll have a look at the concept that I call the, “Sacred Line.” Take a look at the circumstantial evidence that concerns Yeshua’s transfiguration in Matthew 17 and Luke 9 and judge for yourself what we think may be a better alternative for the event as compared to Mount Hermon or Mount Tabor. Watch this video lesson and you will have much to think about!