We all know that Passover is a very important annual memorial festival in Hebrew Scripture. With PART 2 of this two part Torah On Location teaching, we are going to examine the three lettered Hebrew Root for Passover, which is PEY-SAMECH-CHET. It does not mean “PASSOVER.” Of course, it can be interpreted in such a way but it is only an interpretation. The real meaning is revealed in written scripture and we’ll have a look at this meaning in this program. Also, we will further examine the words of Yeshua in Yochanan 6:53-57, when he was heard teaching that one should eat his flesh and drink his blood! Oy! Can this be true? OF COURSE! The statement is linked to Genesis 2:7-8 in the creation of Adam and it has further application in our study of the Hebrew root BET-SIN-RESH, often understood to mean “FLESH” or “SKIN.” However, B-S-R in Hebrew also carries with it the concept of GOOD NEWS, SUBSTANCE, ESSENCE, an ANNOUNCEMENT or TELLING OF SOMETHING IMPORTANT. So, let’s take a close look at this material and learn about what “PASSOVER” really means. A Hebraic Look at the Meaning of Passover – PART 2, coming up!