Exponential Growth of the Messianic Jewish Community
from Jerusalem to Caesarea

  1. THE ROMAN MILITARY FORT OF ANTIPATRIS. The events that shaped the movement and growth of the early Jewish/Christian communities of believers in Yeshua, the promised Messiah. Our texts will focus primarily on Luke’s writings from the Book of Acts.
  2. THE DEEP-WATER HARBOR OF CAESAREA. This was King Herod’s prized possession and most ambitious building project ever.
  3. CAESAREA: ROME’s “JERUSALEM.” We will study the biblical events of Peter (Kepha) and Cornelius (the Roman Centurion) in Acts 10. We will also study about Paul who came to Caesarea (Acts 23:23 and 23:31). Further, we will have a look into the Jewish world of Caesarea in the days of Rabbi Akiva and the decades of Jewish/Christian events that followed him.


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