Israel’s Northern Borders, Biblical Nature Reserves, and the Golan Heights

  1. TEL DAN. A study in the biblical narratives of Jeroboam and the earlier Israelite tribe of Dan; stories found in 1 Kings 12, Joshua 19:47, Judges 18:16, and 2 Samuel 3:10
  2. BANIAS. Situated at the base of Mount Hermon in the Golan, we will make a study of the dark forces that Yeshua regularly dealt with as recorded in Matthew 16:13. We will also have a look at the narratives of the Book of Enoch, which speak about Mount Hermon as the site of much demonic activity.
  3. THE CASTLE NIMROD. This is a well-preserved historical castle of the Mameluke Period (the 1200s).
  4. THE GOLAN HEIGHTS. This area is spoken of in the Bible as the “Bashan” and contains plenty of historical and biblical events as recorded in places such as Deuteronomy chapters 3:13 and 32:14.


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