Masada and Ein Gedi

  1. FORTRESS OF THE SOUTH – MASADA MOUNTAIN IN JEWISH HISTORY. We will spend about three hours on top of Masada, going through the archaeological ruins while reading through the narratives of the Jewish historian Josephus. If you do not want to take the three-minute cable car, you may wish to make the two-hour hike up the mountain via the “serpent’s path.” However, this does depend on you being in relatively good physical condition. Also available, a two-hour walk-through of the on-site museum, which has a lot of valuable artifacts and stories to tell.
  2. EIN GEDI – A HIDE AND SEEK STORY OF TWO RIVALS: DAVID AND KING SAUL. In this “off-the-beaten-path” canyon just west of the Dead Sea, we will study the events of 1 Samuel 24:1, as David was running from the pursuits of King Saul.
  3. A “VALLEY OF SALT” NATURE WALK THROUGH THE FLORA AND FAUNA OF THE BIBLE. Along the paths of ground near the Dead Sea, we will study about the various biblical plants and animals.


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