Golan, Gamla (“Camel Mountain”),
and Bethsaida

  1. SOUTHERN GOLAN HEIGHTS. The big picture of the Golan and the Galilee from Mitzpeh HaShalom. We’ll learn about the region’s water supply, security, wars, and history.
  2. RELIVING THE ROMAN SEIGE OF GAMLA. This is a three to four-hour medium and in some cases, advanced hike to “Camel Mountain,” a deep in a canyon at the northeast of the Sea of Galilee. Here, we will examine the possibility that this might actually be the ancient biblical site of Yeshua’s hometown of Nazareth as recorded in Matthew 2:23, 21:11, and Luke 4:28-29. The hike to the “brow of the hill” on which the city is built is not terribly difficult. However, if you have foot or back problems, or your skin is easily susceptible to burning, you will need to let us know ahead of time.
  3. BETHSAIDA. The city was known from ancient Israel as the seat of the Kingdom of Geshur, where Absolom fled (2 Samuel 13:37) after murdering his brother in the affair of Tamar and Amnon. Later, it was the Galilean city of Phillip, Andrew, and Peter (John 1:44). Yeshua performed great miracles here (Mark 8:22). The ancient city gate is still in excellent location, considering its 3,000 years of age and history.


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