Derek haAvot (Way of the Patriarchs):
Shilo of the Shomron to Mount Gerizim

  1. THE ANCIENT CITY OF SHILOH. Stories of Israelite settlement under Joshua as recorded in Joshua 18:1, 1 Samuel 1:9, 1 Kings 14:2, and Jeremiah 7:12.
  2. MOUNT GERIZIM’S SAMARITAN TEMPLE. Biblical studies from the era of the Macabees (The Hashmonaim) in Nehemiah chapter 2 and 13:28. Also, learning about Samaria through the eyes of Yeshua and his disciples in John chapter 4.
  3. VIEWS OF ANCIENT SHECHEM AND MOUNT EVAL as referenced in Genesis 12:6, Deuteronomy 27:4-14, and Joshua 24:25. Biblical studies and stories about Joseph’s Tomb from Joshua 24:32), and Jacob’s Well from the narrative about Yeshua and the Woman at the Well in John 4:6.
  4. THE FATEFUL MEETING BETWEEN TWO KINGS. The story of the division of all Israel into Israel and Judah as recorded in 1 Kings chapter 12.


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