About Us

We are the “People of the Book.” This means that we have been chosen to not just know about Israel but to order our lives as Israel.

The next time you plan a visit to Israel, whether it is by yourself, with a small group or with a large group, do not simply settle for the typical “tour-guide” approach; that is, to keep you entertained so that you don’t feel that you wasted your time and money.

I believe that there are essentially two kinds of tours to Israel: 1) those that speak about its history and 2) those that speak about AND learn from its history.

Avinoam’s Coming Home Study Tours are designed to challenge you to learn from Israel’s history and not to just talk about it. After all, the biblical narratives stress that the heart of Israel is found in the Hebrew word “Moriah” (Genesis 22:2), which means the Land of Instruction or Teaching. Within the context of this idea, you will find expression of all our biblical study programs.

Don’t just study about the history of Israel!

Study the Torah of Israel, on-location in Israel!

Contact Avi ben Mordechai for your next study tour to Israel. Avi is currently taking a 2016 Sabbatical from lecturing and teaching in Israel. Avi will return back to work at Passover, 2017.