About Us

As privileged “People of the Book” and members of “B’ne Israel” (the Children of Israel) you deserve more than just a “tour guide” tour of the biblical sites of the Holy Land, sprinkled with some stories and information to keep you entertained. There are two kinds of tours to Israel: those that focus on looking at its history and those that focus on learning from its history. The programs that you will find offered through Avinoam’s Coming Home Study Tours are designed to challenge you to learn from biblical history. After all, the heart of Israel is found in the Hebrew word “Moriah” (Genesis 22:2), which means the Land of Instruction or Teaching. Within the context of our biblical study programs, we will seek to be listening, perceptive students of the Word of the Torah and to keep faith (and contract) with the Eternal One of Israel – YHWH. This will be accomplished by learning the Bible on-location; strengthening our biblical knowledge and connection to the Land, which is our heritage as the sons and daughters of the returning House of Israel.

Don’t just study about Israel!

Study In Israel on‐location

Study the Torah as Israel!